Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Remembering the Good Old Days

I recently joined Facebook after much prodding from my oldest daughter. I was told it was the "new thing" and I had better get with the program. What I asked is Facebook? And why do I want to join? I'm scowling as if I have all the time in the world to sit and "Poke" someone or write on someone's wall. I'm blogging isn't that enough I asked?

"Mom I get a lot of traffic from Facebook that brings followers to my blog."

She's staring at me, hands on hips. I'm not getting out of this one I can tell. I'm not blogging for thousands of followers. Maybe one or two.

"Okay, I'll do Facebook." I’m hoping she’ll forget all about it and we’ll have this conversation again weeks later.

It hasn't even been a week and I feel as though I should thank my daughter for this new found toy. I have located so many high school friends. We chat daily and remind each other what silly and stupid things we did way back when hair was big and we "bopped till dropped." It's made me feel somewhat young again and lighthearted. I long to see my old friends and vision us chatting well into the early morning hours. Since my discovery, I seem to be a bit more emotional. No flat our crying when a Hallmark commercial flashes on the TV screen, but thoughts of how things were, how time flies and how old we've all gotten! We all agree it's time for a class reunion.

I recall wanting to be the girl you see in the movie that was coerced into attending her high school reunion. She appears in a limo or sports car, impressing everyone and of course they all think she MUST have made it big. Little do they realize the limo is rented and she's a mail clerk for a Fortune 500 company. Oh well, nice thought. I remember saying I'll never go to a reunion, now look at me, practically crying. God what is my problem? It must be old age setting in. This isn't a good thing. I already have problems remembering things. I can stop mid-sentence and my oldest will finish what I was saying. This is getting worse by the minute. My Mother took Lecithin for years in fact I think she still takes it. I remember her saying something about it being brain food. I'm not sure what that means. Does it increase the number of brain cells? Maybe it makes your brain cells larger so they can soak up more information. This way when you reach 80 you'll be able to retain your thoughts better. Sounds good, we'll go with this justification and pretend we read it Prevention magazine. I amaze myself.

I share this thought with my oldest and she asks me how I make it through the day? My mouth is open. Well clearly she has no imagination. Perhaps I should just keep these ideas to myself.

I'm hoping we plan a reunion for next summer. It will be wonderful to see everyone again. The holidays are right around the corner. Damn, that means holiday commercials. I better stay clear of the TV for a while, you never know when one of those Hallmark commercials will appear.