Monday, December 28, 2009

And so it begins...

I rode my bike for 30 minutes yesterday- put on the tight jeans today and yep they're still tight. I can pretend for overnight miracles. Not that anything will happen... Good news is I'm not stuffing my face and haven't during the entire holiday season. My next step is to finally buy a battery for the bathroom scale. An obvious oversight I stopped doing doing years ago. However, now that I'm determined to lose the 15 pounds we need a working torture device. I ate salad for dinner.
While I have been home for the holidays I have made pizza twice, the first time the kids loved it and I only got one slice. I thought I was onto something here already, then I made it again. This time I had just made bagels and so I inadvertently followed the bagel recipe instead of the pizza crust recipe. The pizza crust recipe does not direct you to dissolve the yeast with sugar in warm water. The dough was sticky and I had to keep adding flour. It turned out quite different from the first time. It wasn't the same and didn't taste as good. So I'm making it again tonight to see if it turns out like the first time. If it does then there is something very different in the way the yeast is processed. Most recipes call for dissolving the yeast before hand, this recipe you mix the yeast in with the flour, but I did have to warm the flour in the oven. I have never done that before. Let's remember that tip.
And for the book, I have done a full days worth of research and very happy with the outcome. I need a name for my doctor, something not too snooty but not nerdy either; Arthur, Walter, Albert, Wendell, something. I do have some questions so I'm going to make a list of my questions and call the Huntsman's Cancer Institute and see if anyone will talk to me. I've got my opening all mapped out and very pleased with the flow and how each event ties into the next. This is such an awesome story (please dear God let me make a million).
I went to the library today and I stood there and looked at all the books and thought how am I ever going to get my book published and be considered among such talented people. I must not get overwhelmed and just work one day at a time.