Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year

The pizza was amazing just like the first time but I neglected to take pictures. I know I said I would. So imagine me flipping the dough onto the stone plate with 500 degree of heat blasting in my face. I do this because I haven’t found an easier way yet to transfer the dough onto the stone plate. I’m spreading pizza sauce around while my necklace is burning into my neck and throwing the mozzarella cheese onto top before I melt. Truly taking pictures is the last thing on my mind.

In spite of getting no pictures, I still came out ahead because my daughter had a friend over who evidently has never had home-made pizza. She loved it and kept asking for more! Have I found the best pizza crust out there already? I doubt it, but this is at the top of the list so far. Below are some key notes I have observed and want to document;

1. you must bake the pizza on a stone plate at the highest your oven will go

2. warming the flour for 10 minutes – I’m not sure if this matters or not I need to test the recipe a fourth time without warming to see if there is a difference. Warming the flour could serve as dissolving the yeast in warm water before mixing with flour. Remember I did this on accident the second time I made it and it didn’t turn out at all.

I rode my fat fanny off for 30 minutes tonight. I can’t ride for any longer than that I get so bored, so I try to ride as hard as I can for those loooooong 30 minutes. Afterwards I did a total of 350 sit-ups! I did some lying on each side and some sitting on my exercise ball. I felt real good when I was done. I still need to buy the dreaded battery for the bathroom scale. UGH!

I start writing my book tomorrow!! Aaaaahhhhh I can do this….. Chapter One (I wonder if I should name the chapters – some writers do that). I still need the doctor’s name so far I have Benjamin T. (last name goes here). Below are my ideas

• Hardy

• Renshaw

• Wilkes

• Mikell

• Mcomie

• McKinley

• Bowen

• Stellar

• Graham

• Sullivan

• Whitaker

• Wells

• Vanbree

• Edwards

• McFarland

• Young

All are very good names – the right one will pop out when the time comes. Time to bake a doggy birthday cake for my two-year old shitzu.