Monday, January 18, 2010

Writing, Baking & Exercising

This week has been crazy! I didn't write much at all this week. It's very depressing. I come home fix dinner and want to collapse after. Working 11 hours every day is killing me!! There isn't a day that goes that I'm not thinking about my book and how great it's going to be. My daughter told me Stephen King wrote four novels before someone said yes to him. Ouch. I don't think that will be me because my story is awesome. I guess he could have thought the same thing. Oh well, I don't care I'm not going to quit.

I'm having a hard time writing my blog, seems to take me forever to say what I want and then I reword it at least twice. I need to set up a plan write this day, bake the next and exercise the last then repeat. Right now I have no order to anything just try my hardest to fit it all in a day and what doesn't get done carries over to the next day. This is NOT working. Today I'm writing or at least trying. I dug out all my research info I did over a year ago. I even interviewed someone from Great Britain. It was amazing to speak to someone half way around the world. A large portion of my book takes place on the out-skirts of the United Kingdom and I needed info so I ordered all these books and then what the books couldn't tell me I made a list of questions and emailed the person in charge of the project. I get excited just thinking about it. The hard part is staying awake and focusing. I am so tired of sitting all day the only thing my body wants is to lay horizontal. Perhaps coffee?

Over the weekend I made my first test batch of chocolate chip cookies. Remember this is one of the quests to find the best recipe. This one was awful - the cookies were so flat and didn't raise much at all. Frustrated I sought out the reason why. I have a few things working against me I have to be aware of 1) the altitude where I live is over 5000 ft. above sea level. Meaning I have to adjust my baking soda, baking powder and sugar amounts. All the info I read told me to increase the temperature of the oven 25 degrees, however, if I do this my cookies are burnt. I tested both ways and turning my temperature down to 325 degrees worked ten times better. 2) I am using butter no imitation margarine in my kitchen but come to find out butter isn't all that much better. Butter comes from milk and milk has the chemical hormone causing cows to produce milk year round (I can't seem to win). Also I found out if you want nice plump cookies you need to use shortening. Yep the nasty white stuff. Now I'm shaking my head asking myself how is it Mrs. Field’s cookies are nice and plump when she proudly states she only uses fresh ingredients in her cookies. She wants to come over and bake in my kitchen. The best part about my research is that I found a recipe from Cooking Illustrated. I just love that magazine and wish for a subscription one day. For now I'm having fun doing my own testing. At least my kids aren't complaining!

I saved the best part for last. I'm exercising as often as I can and did yoga over the weekend. I'm going to start doing it every day and see if it helps my back at all. I rode my bike last week and over the weekend, plus I continue to do my sit-ups almost every day. Still waiting for the fat gut to disappear but it's hanging around a little bit longer. I do see some improvement but let's face it I have a ways to go.