Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coming Together

I didn't write last Sunday and felt bad all week. I thought about it several times and tried to write but I rarely take breaks at work and the best news of all- (drum roll please) I've been writing during my lunch break. I am now on page two! I know, I know it's great. My doctor has a name and I am slowly building his character. I'm extremely pleased with how things are going. This has been one of my better ideas that is actualy working. Sunday mornings don't seem to be working out for me now. I've got to be more discipline. Writing my blog once a weeks seems to be miraculous when I actually do it. Oh god, why does everything have to be so difficult? At least I have 30 minutes to myself Monday through Friday. I'm grateful for that. Let's hope this book will be completed within let's say five years!! I should have a complete chapter by the end of this year.

I have been barely getting by with doing sit-ups throughout the week. I can't stand riding my bike on the trainer it's so boring. I had my son take it off and I was going to attempt to go riding but it was so cold all weekend. The temperature hasn't been above 34. I've decided I need to move somewhere warmer so I can ride whenever I want to. I'm getting tired of the cold weather. I long for spring so I can start my long trek to being skinny. I like winter but the cold makes me just want to stay inside not do anything but eat.

I have been faithful with my baking and over Valentine's Day made some great sugar cookies. The frosting I purchased from the bakery my daughter works at. I still have yet to master frosting. We'll add that to the list. I don't need to work on sugar cookies I have an awesome recipe that works every time.

I did make blueberry muffins again, this time I used a can of blueberries in light syrup. No more frozen they taste aweful. The battery was delicious I could have eaten it all by myself and never baked one muffin. The trick is the next day. They tasted okay out of the oven and my kids said they liked them but I waited until the next day to eat one. They didn't taste very well. I don't get it! Why do they taste different the next day? I make banana bread almost every week and my kids eat it up in a matter of one maybe two days. I'm thinking I should use that recipe and replace the banana's with blueberries. The banana bread has a flavor that just doesn't end and every day it's just as yummy as the first bite when it's just come out of the oven. That's the way I want my blueberry muffins to taste. I want that burst of "Oh my god, these are delicious" in every bite. If I asked my kids they would probably say, "Keep the recipe Mom." But for me I say NEXT. I'd say it's time for another batch of chocolate chip cookies.
Keep ya posted!