Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Writing/Riding on Air

On Saturday, I went to the library and met with a writing coach. They have sessions every Monday night, but I can never make it due to working 11-hour days. The gentleman I met with is more of a technical writer but still I was happy to have someone read my material and give me feedback. We discussed the writing process, what each step entailed, come to find out, I have been following right along as if I knew it from heart. I could not be more thrilled. I did not go into any detail about my book merely handed him my measly three pages and let him read.

When he was finished he asked me some questions, made a few suggestions, then said I peaked his interest and he could not wait to read more. He then went onto say I had a real gift. I of course was elated could not wait to get home and write till wee hours of the morning. Life could be so bliss…

Did I mention I lost three pounds!! Oh here let me say that again, I LOST THREE POUNDS! Yeah!

Sunday was just as wonderful, the weather even cooperated this weekend. I went on a 40-mile bike ride and made it 39 miles. I ran out of trail! I went as far as a I could but on the way home I always lose miles. Even after I filled my tires up with air and biked home I seemed to only reach 39. However, I didn’t have the energy to ride around the block, I was done! No matter, I have never biked that far before, in fact when I biked my first 30-miles in Logan Canyon it took me three hours. I biked 39 miles in two hours, what a feat! I’ve come a long ways in the past few years. It’s a great feeling knowing a few years ago I could never bike the distance I do. Look at me now, on top of that I feel better and by the end of the summer I always look great. Still I’m not as toned as I would like but I’m hoping when I get a job that will allow me to work decent hours I can go to the gym with my son and start lifting weights.

I tried a new pizza crust recipe over the week-end. This recipe is supposed to a clone of Pizza Hut’s crust. I have no idea but my kids both liked it much better than the other recipe I have been using. I think I’m going to have to agree, however, one minor detail, I neglected to add the salt (why do I always leave out the damn salt?) so I have to try the recipe again. Then I can make my mind up as to whether it surpasses the other recipe.

I have not tried any new chocolate chip recipes or blueberry muffins at this time. I need to make both this weekend. There is news though, I signed up for a bread baking class that is held this weekend. I’m excited to learn about the whole wheat grinding process. I’m sure it will make me want to run right out and purchase a grinder (come on tax returns) but I must resist. I have plenty of recipes to keep me busy till that time arrives.

Overall, I must say I am proud of myself, here it is March and I’m still on track with New Year’s Resolution. For someone that does not believe in the whole ritual, I think I’m doing remarkably well to say the least. Keep it up!