Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Trudge Continues...

I signed up for the Wellness program at work, thinking it would be another win in my pocket. In doing so, I figured I had better sign up for the free consultation visits as well. Each consult visit is different; one being nutrition, another fitness assessment and the third an exercise plan. At first I didn’t think I would need to use the service but after the Wellness program assessment I felt like I should stop eating right there. My weight has increased according to their scale. I wondered if my scale at home was correct. Instantly I became frustrated, frantically trying to understand why the increase in weight when I have been watching what I put in my mouth. The weather hasn’t been the best for bike riding but I still go not giving myself any room for excuses.

I have not been biking on a regular basis. When I started religiously biking, I noticed how difficult it was. I was panting for ten miles, struggling to find my groove. After a few times, it has become easier and I lost eight minutes the first week. This is such a great accomplishment to bike 18 miles in 48 minutes (well it is for me). I thought I would not need to do anything else but bike all summer knowing at the end of the season my figure would return. The Wellness assessment made me think twice. Not only was my weight up but my cholesterol as well. Although the tech told me not to worry it, everything all balanced out with the good cholesterol vs. the bad. Still I’m not convinced everything is okay especially since I recently went to see an Endocrinologist. After checking my thyroid levels and other correlating tests it seems I have a severe vitamin D deficiency. First impressions of the doctor were good until I started to have several questions as to why she was having this tested or that and never once communicated to me her intentions. I’ve scheduled another appointment for a new doctor to confirm her diagnosis and treatment plan.

The search for the best chocolate chip recipe, pizza crust recipe and blueberry muffin recipe continues. I’ve recently included yellow cake recipe to the list. Honestly, I don’t know how much closer I am to finding any of these. It just may be a case of one’s own taste and for that matter day of the week. I recently found the cookbook that chocolate chip recipes one and two are from and posted the picture for all to see. We’ll say no more.

The last two pizza crust recipes are from the following cookbooks. I already shared my thoughts regarding these. In lieu of my current situation, I have decided to take matters to a higher degree by enrolling myself in a pizza making class. This is not just any class mind you it will be at Sur La Table. I am tempted to take my pizza along and ask him to taste it and tell me what I’m doing wrong. I wonder if that’s allowed? I will be taking my camera and ask if I might take pictures. I’m anxious for the class so I can put this recipe to rest once and for all. It’s June and I have not found one recipe I like yet. The search for the best of ….grows old.

 I have also included one of the taste testers (my son) who willingly eats any pizza, especially mine. The bad part is that he isn’t very objective; to him its food. Perhaps I should reconsider his taste-testing capabilities?

As far as writing goes, well lets just say it doesn’t. I finished my book that Terry Brooks wrote and made several notes. I will be going back to build my characters better and then continue with the book. It’s so slow I fear I will lose sight of my goal and want to quit. I looked for several classes that might help me and found some I think I’m going to take several of the classes and see how I feel. This certainly can’t help but only improve my skills, confidence and overall reason why I continue to hang on to this one idea for a story. Perhaps because I know it’s amazing and if I can write it well I will capture an audience waiting for a book they can’t put down. Now that’s an awesome goal.