Thursday, October 4, 2012


My oldest daughter, Elizabeth Marie Eborn came into the world as a miracle baby. She was born in May five years into my first marriage. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and told I probably would never have children. When she came along we thought this to be a miracle.

My pregnancy was considered high risk so I was unable to give birth in a birthing center liked we had planned. I delivered her in a hospital but with a midwife present. It all worked out in the end. Marie came into the world weighing 8 lbs 6 oz. Big baby girl! I loved her from the moment they put her on my stomach. She was perfect, just perfect. 

I was not sure about the nursing thing but wanted to give it a try. My mother was unable to nurse so it was important for me to at least try. I too struggled but my mother was determined to help me. With the help of a shield I nursed my baby girl for 14 months. It was the most satisfying experience. I was giving my baby everything she needed on my own. Nursing also builds a loving bond that is deepened each time you hold your baby next to your breast. I have nothing but good things to say about nursing. I could be the poster child for breast feeding. It totally rocks and is worth every early morning or late, late night feeding.

Because Marie was our first we took pictures of her every five seconds it seems. She was a novelty the first year. We took her everywhere and oh how she grew. She started to walk at 12 months. This of course opened up a whole new world in her eyes. It was amazing to watch her grow but sad all at the same time. I wanted her to stay a tiny thing in my arms. It was a nice feeling to be needed the way a baby needs you. Being the youngest I had never experienced this so it was all new to me.

As Marie got older we grew closer, she was with me every waking minute of the day. We would bake cookies together; her standing on the chair next to me. She would help me fold the towels in the dryer, even want to help push the vacuum. She discovered new things everyday; it was an adventure watching her grow.

When she was old enough I put her in a dance class. She loved it. I think more than anything she loved to sing, so I put her in the Sunshine Generation. This was a singing group that not only sang but danced a little too. She sang everywhere in this group. It seemed we were always traveling somewhere for her to perform.

When Marie's father and I divorced it was hard on her for the first year. She became difficult to handle. I can remember breaking down in the doctor's office one day when she had a check up. It was then I came to understand the meaning of stability. It is something I have strived to maintain throughout all my children's lives. After I mastered this, things seemed to calm down.

We moved from living with my mother after my divorce to into our own apartment. By then I had remarried and Marie had two other siblings. She was still my helper with her brother and sister. She grew up fast as most children of divorced parents do. Still I allowed Marie to try as many new things as I could afford. She danced, sang, played the violin, and attempted karate. In the end I think she liked singing the most. She was in a group in high school that sang and danced.

I beamed the day she graduated from high school; so grown up by now. She blossomed from my little baby girl into a beautiful young women. I could not be any more proud of her.

Marie loved books. From the time I use to read to her until I taught her how to read she packed them around. If I wasn't reading to her she would look at the pictures. It didn't matter if I read them after a while she knew the story by heart and would look at the pictures and say what was happening in the story. I taught Marie to read when she was four years old. Another world had just opened before her eyes. She could not get enough of books. Her eyes widened the first time I introduced her to the library. It was impossible to leave the library with one or two books. I believe that remains today whenever she visits to the library. I have the same fault. Her love for books remains as she wants to be a writer and currently working on her first book.