Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Middle Sister

My middle sister is the black sheep of our family. She never had a problem about speaking up and saying what was on her mind. She is much more reserved today and I seem to have stepped in and taken over that role. Anyway, when we were young girls she was always daddy's girl. She was a tom boy and that's the best thing my dad could have hoped for if he wasn't going to get any girls. He never kept it a secret either that my sister was his favorite. 

When Mom divorced my dad I remember my sister being very upset that mom was moving us away from our dad. Mom could not get my sister to behave, she would act out all the time. Finally my mom agreed to let my sister return to our home town where she would live with my dad. At the time I was happy to see her go because we did not get along. I hated sharing a room with her too, she was so messy. From that point on I saw her only in the summertime when I would go and visit my dad. 

When my sister turned 16 she got pregnant and had to get married. She told mom that she hated our dad's wife. She didn't want to live their anymore so that's the reason she got pregnant. At the time it was devastating to our family to have someone get pregnant out of wedlock. We dealt with it by giving her a lovely wedding. She named her little boy, Austin.

When I graduated from high school my sister and I still weren't very close. I would see her occasionally on holidays or when she came over to my dad's house. I was living with him the last few years of high school. I was born in October and she was born in November, both scorpios, both head strong. It's hard to be friends with a scorpio let alone have a sister who is one. Years went by and she remained distant to me, my older sister and mom. She did keep in contact with dad. I guess someone had to he had driven my older sister and me away over the years. My sister got divorced, then remarried. She started to come around a little more in her second marriage. She realized when mom had her second heart attack that family was pretty important.

It's been like this for years now, she'll come around then months go by. I guess like with most it takes commitment to keep in touch with your family and friends. You get so busy and wrapped up in life, next thing you know weeks have gone by. My sister also lives in a different state so this adds to the distance. I can't say it's all her fault, she has made more of an effort to be around more. She even came up for a visit a week ago. We always have such a good time whenever we get together, it makes me wish we lived closer. She seems to be happy with her live and marriage. We may not be the closest of sisters but things are getting better as the years go by. I think it's the best I can hope for right now.