Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Growing up in a large family most definitely has its perks, especially when it comes to the holidays. My mother has eight brothers and three sister, making that a grand total of 12 siblings in her family which means holidays, reunions, or any family gathering was nothing but HUGE! This of course was heaven in the eyes of us little cousins running all around who loved to see each other no matter what the occasion. The best part of these get-togethers was the food! The days prior were torture! No sampling, no pinching off pieces of bread dough, no nuthin. My grandma was very stern about no sampling. That was probably her downfall in the eyes of a six-year old. All the baking that went into these affairs far exceeded anyone child’s idea of what Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner should be. And each passing year seemed to be better than the last.

Today as I try to recreate what I experienced as a child I feel my grandmother watching over me guiding me as my children watch in awe. I feel elated they are watching me just as I watched my grandmother when I was a child. What a blessing in disguise.

This Thanksgiving my oldest daughter asked if she could host the traditional meal. What a treat! I was pleased she wanted to attempt such a feat. There was no thought in my mind of her efforts being nothing but the best and she proved me right. Our dinner was amazing, with spiced corn, candied carrots, gravy made from the turkey dripping, home-made cranberry sauce and a succulent brined turkey. Every bite was delicious. I was proud beyond words but spoke highly of her cooking abilities. I can imagine my grandma watching from heaven and smiling knowing that my love for cooking has passed on to my daughter. She has gone from standing on a chair helping me stir to cooking an entire Thanksgiving meal. This is what makes the holidays even more meaningful.