Monday, February 11, 2013

A Letter Home - 2/11/2013

I got a text message from my older sister asking me if I had spoken to my father (this is the part where I scoffed as I read her text). No I replied, then asked her why? She told me he asked about me. Surprise!! I told her what I was doing with my "Letters Home" portion of my blog. I told her one day I might even print off some and mail them to him for reals. She told me not to waste my time, he wasn't into letters. I guess that was a good thing to know but it kinda stung. She did however suggest I send him a card that said a little bit about me. Well I thought I can do this. It took me two weeks to find the right card. Once I found the card I stared at it for a week before I finally wrote on the inside and mailed it. I guess you could call this a step in the right direction. I will continue to write my letters to my father as this is my therapy.

Hello Dad,

Several weeks ago I started a new job at the University hospital. I was working at the hospital registering patients for procedures. I have been there close to three years now. I thought it time to branch out, learn something new but things didn't turn out like I planned. The job is quite different- the people are also different. It wasn't a good match. I would have never known it I hadn't tried either so I'm trying to keep positive in that respect. I'll be moving back to my old job in a few weeks.

When I look back I cannot believe all the jobs I have had over the years. Some good, some not-so-good. I never was one to stay in a job year after year. It amazes me that you poured concrete for all those years. I have always wondered why I could not be content with just one job. Some how even writing it seems difficult. I guess it just isn't me.

I use to love watching you and Uncle Jay pour cement when I was little. To a child it was fascinating. I can even remember the few time we got to ride with to Salt Lake to get cement. Gayle and I use to play on top of ll the old trucks in the yard too. I'm not sure what those had over our toys but I seem to recall us getting into trouble more than once for climbing on them. I'm certain it was all Gayle's fault! ha ha

I hear you have taken an interest in restoring cars. My son Nicholas took a couple of years of shop in high school. He loved it especially because he got to work on my car all the time. I actually didn't mind he saved me a ton of money in repairs. His experience got him a job in a local tired store. He's thinking of going on to mechanic's school. I won't complain right?

I hope this letter finds you in good health Dad. Take care and I'll write again in a few weeks.