Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Letter Home - 3/13/2013

Well I finally did it. After I bought the "thinking of you" card I wrote a little message and mailed it to my dad. I won't ever hear anything from him but knowing that he read that small paragraph means allot to me. I'm trying right? It's those baby steps. I'm not looking for a relationship with my father, just trying to heal myself.

Dear Dad,

You recall me telling you about my new job at Huntsman Cancer Institute? Well it didn't turn out like I thought it would. It wasn't a good fit for me. I didn't enjoy the work. I was stuck in a box all day fixing endless problems. I'm the type of a person that will take on a project, do what needs to be done to find a solution and be done with it. In my new department I would fix one problem only to have more pop up. It was frustrating. It wasn't just that- I want you to know I wasn't giving up. It was better that I leave. I was fortunate enough to go back to my old department. I will continue to look for something but not just yet. I've had enough adventure . I think I'll just take a break before I try again.

Do you remember Uncle Gene? He passed away about a couple of years ago. His oldest daughter Debbie passed away last week. She had been battling ovarian cancer for a few years. I think she is the second cousin to pass away. It was so sad to hear she was gone.

I have not heard about Aunt Shirley in several years. I hope she is doing well. I hope you are doing alright. Gayle told me you were dealing with prostate cancer. I have been so blessed with my health. My children as well have never been sick much. Nicholas has given me a few gray hairs earlier than expected with his trips to the emergency department. One time he decided he didn't want to walk around some building, instead he chose to climb the fence- take a short cut. It proved to his disadvantage as his shirt caught hold of a wire. When he got free he landed on his arm snapping both bones in his forearm. The doctor could not set one of the bones and had to perform surgery. Come to find out the bone had lodged itself in the muscle. They inserted a steel plate in his arm and casted it for six weeks. He snapped the plate a month after the cast was removed while riding his skate board. He fell off landing on his arm again. Boys right??

My girls have not been near that exciting growing up. I'm grateful. Not having any brothers made raising a son somewhat of a challenge. I never knew if I was doing the right thing. I've had to ask close male friends to clue me in on a few things I was dealing with. It all worked out in the end. He has kept us girls in check over the years. I've had people ask if he grew up playing with dolls. I assure them Nicholas was born with trucks in both hands and snowboard on his feet. He's all boy trust me.

I hope this letter find you well dad. I'll write again in a few weeks.

Take care,