Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Memoir: My Home Town Schools

There have been a total of three schools built in my hometown. The first was built in 1910. My mother attended this school for eleven years until it was torn down and a new one built. When I asked my mother what she remembered about the school she told me it had four levels to it. The lockers and bathrooms were located in the basement. A person had to hurry if they needed to use the bathroom and get back upstairs to top level before the next class started.

The foundation of the school got so bad that my mother told me they could put a basketball in the middle of the gym and watch it roll to far end. The old school housed all ages of students. To bid the school farewell they let my mother's class decorate the gym for Junior Prom. According to mom, they never let the juniors decorate for their prom so I guess this was a real treat. Way to go out with a bang right! This other picture is what it looked like inside the school in 1917. Looks like Little House on the Prairie to me.

The new school was built in 1956, this was also the year my mother graduated. Her class was the first to graduate in the new high school. I remember attending the new school when I was in kindergarten and first grade (1968). Like the old school the new building was constructed to hold all students from kindergarten on up to high school ages. When I was a little girl I use to watch the "big kids" come and go from school. I could not wait till I got big. After my parents divorced, mom and us girls moved away to New Mexico. I did not return to Green River until 1979. Upon my return I spent the next three years in what was then considered the old high school because an elementary school had been built some years earlier leaving the building half empty. The section that at one time was full of life from the elementary kids playing and laughing were gone. It was almost eery, destined to be the next high school horror film. My class would be the last class to graduate; the year was 1981.

You can tell from the picture the school was very long, that was because one end was for the elementary students, while the other ended was left for the high school students. We rarely saw the older students, even at lunchtime the schedule was far enough apart we never ran across anyone from the high school. The gymnasium and stage were located downstairs, but it's hard to tell this from looking at the photo. I'm beginning to think all schools built way back when had their gymnasiums down in the basement- not sure why. Anyway when you drove around to the back of the school there was a section in the middle of the building where the ground sloped downward (very strange). It was almost like a ramp, sorta when you back your boat into the water at a loading dock, it was like that. This is where our gym was along with the stage. Many memories were made in our high school; dances, musicals and graduation ceremonies. It is very nostalgic to think my mother graduated their and years later our class picture joined all those who came before us. 

The current high school was built in 1982, complete with the latest technology. It may out do the two previous schools by leaps and bounds not doubt, but for us who came before we share with our classmates memories, that took place in one of these buildings. It is there we pay homage to, our dear alma mater GRHS; home of the Pirates.