Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Memoir

Five weeks ago I signed up for a class to learn how to write my memoir. One might ask how hard can it be right? Well I've come to learn there is a method, even books explaining how to correctly capture and organize your thoughts. The class has been a real enlightenment beyond what I thought it would be.

The students are all forty years and above, some much older than I, no one younger though. I guess younger people don't view writing their past down as important as we old folks who don't want to forget the past do. However, if you keep a journal you are already doing it. My teacher is a 76 year-old man who loses his thoughts frequently, but in the end it all comes together. I smile at him allot because he reminds me of my mother. Each week we are given an assignment, these assignments have helped me remember so much of my past it has become quite entertaining. I say entertaining because we share our stories in class. Some stories have made us laugh and others cry. 

Last week an Asian woman shared her story with us when she was a little girl growing up in Korea. She was born during the war, so her childhood was full of fear and great famine. We listened in silence as she recounted her story in broken English. I thought this made the story even more touching. This is one reason why I am enjoying the class so much because of the diversity in age. There is another person in my class, an older man from England who use to be a Bobbie (cop). He has the best stories of all. I could honestly sit and listen to everyone for hours. This is why I want to learn the process so I can organize all my thoughts. Mostly I'm looking for my style of writing. I don't seem to be able to write a novel type of a book for whatever reason, no confidence, fear of failure, low grammar skills, whatever, I just don't do it. I have so many great ideas, even my kids have tell me I have great story ideas but it never goes beyond that. What is my problem?? 

I thought this class might help get me motivated or help me understand why I can't write these books I want to. I do know that I LOVE to blog. I just love it. Even if no one is reading my blog I still love to write, isn't that strange? I guess I believe that maybe someday thousands of people will read what I have to say. Perhaps I should blog my memoir. Oh my the stories I could tell you about my childhood. That's a great idea actually. I currently write my Letters Home, The Cookbook, and now My Memoirs, if I could think of a few other items I could turn my blog into an online blog newspaper about me, my past, my future, my present; including current events about me and my kids. I ran my blog ideas by a co-worker who has a degree in English. With her help we came up with a few other ideas I'm going to add to my list of ideas. Yeah! Now I need to 
 work on being more consistent when I blog. I'm trying to blog twice a week, so far that isn't working but I'll keep trying to improve. I'm excited about my future blogs. They should be quite entertaining.