Sunday, May 19, 2013

Body & Soul: The Hike

Years ago when my children were little I would drag them all over the state to hike our six beautiful national parks we have here in Utah. We still hike but not like we use to. My kids are older now and doing their own thing. I recently found some new trails in our area which instantly made me excited. My youngest was feeling up for the adventure so she accompanied me and Sammy Jo (our dog). This is a very difficult hike, pretty much vertical the entire way. We were nearing what we thought was the end of the trail when we noticed Sam was peeing blood. We instantly turned around because it was getting late, I knew I wouldn't make it to the vet if we kept going. The hike would have to wait for another day.

Then a few weeks agoI had another opportunity to hike the same trail. This time my youngest invited her friend and mother along. Neither did a great deal of hiking so it was apparrent we wouldn't even get halfway on the trail. No matter I was still hiking. While we were making our way along the trail, I got a text from my hair styliest telling me she had a cancellation and asked if I wanted to come in earlier. I wasn't sure at the time so I told her no. Shortly after, the hiking newbies decided they were ready to go back. Great I thought, this would be perfect. We had just started to head back, (I was bringing up the rear) so I decided to text my hair styliest and let her know I would be there early. I'm texting, walking, texting, the next step was not on the trail- it wasn't like I could stop what was already in motion right? It happend so fast. In a matter of minutes I was sliding down the embankment. My left foot was still on the dirt, while my right one landed in the water. I was determined not to let anything else land in the water so I put my hands out to stop my fall. My hands ended up on the rocks sticking up out of the water! The jolt of my stop sent my cell phone flying from my grip. I watched it fly in the air then land between several rocks. 

I immediately pulled my wet boot out of the water, then hoisted myself back up on the trail. No sooner was I sitting on the trail when the rest of my party saw me sitting on the ground. My daughter came running back asking me what happened. I said nothing. This time her face is directly in front of mine and I hear "Mom?" I meekly said I didn't want to explain. I mean really how do I say one minute I was there and the next I wasn't all because I was texting! I think my pride was damaged more than anything else. The funny things is I never take my cell phone with me when I hike (mostly because there is no cell reception) so this was a rare occassion. Weh had a good laugh that's for sure. I still have yet to make it to the end of the trail. Another day.