Sunday, May 19, 2013


It's breakfast time! I was perusing through my grandmothers cookbook deciding what I wanted to try next when an interesting title caught my eye. The recipe was called "Scrapple." I read through its entirety, thought it sounded "if-y" then called my mother. As I read her the ingredients over the phone she became excited, then proceeded to tell me my grandmother made these corn patties all the time. She also said they were quite tasty. That was all I needed to hear, I was getting tired of pancakes and waffles. We needed to spice up our breakfast menu and this Scrapple sounded like it just might do the thing.

I cooked the sausage in my wonderful Sur La Table skillet while in another pan I warmed up the canned milk, water, salt and pepper. While I let the sausage cook, I slowly stirred the corn meal into the canned milk mixture and let it thicken. 

When the sausage was done, I cut it up into small pieces I then added to the corn meal mixture.

From here I made small patties then coated each with bread crumbs to help hold their shape. I put them back in the skillet I cooked the sausage in but added a little olive oil. I cooked the patties until they were well browned on both sides then removed them from the skillet. The recipes says to sprinkle a little syrup on top but we didn't. Perhaps they would have tasted better if we had.

I am beginning to feel quite frustrated, the last two recipes have been a complete flop. In my first blog I went on and on about trying these wonderful recipes from my grandmothers cookbook. Folks, they aren't so wonderful anymore. However, it is important you know, it was not like this when I was growing up. My grandmother was THE best cook. I ate everything she made. I realize not all of these recipes are my grandmothers, I did though assume that all the other ladies would be wonderful cooks and bakers like my grandmother. I feel as though I have lead you astray (hanging my head). I see so many blogs where ladies post wonderful dishes they have made. Well what if the recipe doesn't turn out? Do they not post it? Do they lie? Is that what I am supposed to do here? I truly want them to turn out! The patties tasted grainy no matter how long I cooked them. They were terrible, so I will not be posting the recipe. Let's hope the next recipe is better.