Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Puppy Corner: In the Beginning

I was born on December 31, 2007 along with my brothers and sisters in Preston, Idaho. There were six of us total. I was second to last to be sold to a family in Utah. At first I did not understand why we were all disappearing but I always had someone to play with so it never bothered me very much. The lady who bought me played with me and my sister for quite a while. She sat right down on the floor while we ran circles around her. She also scratched my ears which I have come to love. The sad part was I did not realize she would be taking me away from my sister. I was instantly afraid. 

As we drove away in the big car she held me on her lap. The motion of the car terrified me so much that I started to climb up the front of her. She held me up in her arm but I still did not like the motion of the car. I wiggled to get free then continued to climb away until I was sitting on the back of her neck. I remained here until the car stopped. Everything about my new home was different; the smells, the sounds. There was so much to do when I first arrived and so many people wanting to play. It was exhausting!

When night time arrived the lady put me in the bathroom. I did not like it in their and whined most of the night. To me it was torture, "Oh how I longed for my old home." The lady finally came to be with me which was much, much better. I am beginning to like her. I still had to stay in the bathroom but she slept in their with me so it wasn't all that bad.

There were two younger people; a boy and a girl at my new home. They played with me all the time too. It was never boring at my new home because I was always with someone. The lady would take me outside to pee all the time, at first I liked it I got to play outside, but after a while she would tell me to "go potty" I wasn't sure why, I can pee inside just fine. I learned otherwise not long after.

The first few days in my new home was an adventure. Some nights I slept with the lady, others nights I slept with the girl. I began to like the lady more and more so I stayed mostly around her in the beginning. They called me all different names those first few days. I did not have a name at my first home. Today I go by Sammy Jo, it suits me well, you may call me Sam for short.