Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Body & Soul: The Continuing Saga of the Hike

It had been a few weeks and I decided it was time to hit the trail again. This time I coerced my son into going hiking with me. Mind you my son is a big guy, six feet, strong kid, towers over me. He thinks his little sister is a wimp and cannot hike like he can. I warned him this is NOT an easy hike; meaning we would need a few more snacks to keep our energy up. He gives me that "bring it on mom" look and I shrug my shoulders.

The first part of this trail is like a 90 degree incline, we stopped several times before we made it to the first camp site. We were both breathing heavy and our hearts pounding - when he says "Mom, I'm not so sure I want to go work at the ranch anymore." I can't help but laugh. We aren't even halfway and my kick-ass son is getting his "***" kicked! No turning back I say and on we go. We hike up, over and along the scary rock ledges till we come to the swing. My daughter and I made it to the swing last time but we didn't stop. My son however just couldn't resist. He hopped right on, swinging back and forth for several minutes. When he was done he told me 
that was worth the hike. We continued on passing several more campsites where we saw people roasting hot dogs. I decided it was time for us to have a snack or two.

As we continued on the trail it noticeably started to get dark, yet the sky was clear blue above us. The further we hiked into the canyon the darker it seemed to get. I took off my sunglasses to see better then saw two figures approach us. It was a father and son duo. I asked them if we were near the end but the father informed us, "It never really ends, but we did make it to the waterfall." I immediately replied "Sounds like the end to me." I was ecstatic, the end was in sight at last- until we hit the snow line. We had hiked so far past the swing and we were still hiking waiting for a glimpse of this imaginary waterfall when the snow came upon us. We both looked at each other then my son points to the creek. "Mom look the waterfall!" Two huge boulders sat in the middle of the creek with water cascading over them- a mini waterfall. I threw my head back laughing, "Works for me." We snapped a picture of the two of us and headed home.
Somewhere on the way back hopping over or crawling under trees my Maui Jim sunglasses fell off. This trail has now consumed my cell phone and sunglasses. I love hiking but I do not like this trail. I wonder if anyone else has had as many adventures as I. I think it's time for a new trail.