Sunday, July 7, 2013

Body & Soul: My Garden

Everyone at my work has seen the farmers market bag I just finished. I was telling everyone how excited I am this year to be able to use it. A co-worker and I were talking about gardens one day, I asked if they were going to plant one. He had no interest but wouldn't mind if a good chunk of his lawn was taken over by a garden, then he wouldn't have to mow so much. My smile must have been ear to ear when he said this because he told me I could plant a garden in his backyard if I was interested. I almost jumped from my chair. Images of home grown vegetables swirled in my mind as I imagined myself eating fresh tomato  sandwiches, vinegar cucumber salad and steamed crock-neck squash covered with onions and melted cheese. How could I say no!

few days later I went over to his home and we mapped out how large of a garden I wanted. About a week later my son and I then came back and dug up the grass and a few other things. 

The dirt was pretty sandy so we added seven bags of manure and tilled it into the ground. Next I was off to the garden center to purchase my little plants. I bought three tomato plants, one yellow bell pepper, two cucumber plants, one zucchini, two crock-neck squash plants and a packet of carrots for Sammy Jo.

My son helped me get all the plants in the ground, then I watered it real good. All of my plants were starters because I planted my garden around the middle of May. Basically this means we were running out of planting season for our state. No matter I was confident they would be just as tasty if I had grown them from seed.
I continued to go over every few days and check on my garden. When my son and I were digging up the grass we noticed several ant farms buried in the ground. According to my co-worker there use to be a walnut tree where I planted my garden. That explained all the walnut shells we found in the soil. Many of them were full of ants. I bought some ant-killer powder and sprinkled it everywhere. I did this twice but those pesky little buggers are still coming around. 

I also noticed something is eating my bell pepper leaves but I can't see what it is. When my daughter was still in school her botany teacher said I should try grits. She said the ants will cart off the grit, eat it and explode. A little morbid but then I hate ants. I sprinkled grits till it looked like snowed had just fallen. Two days later, no more ants! Here is my garden in the beginning, I will be adding more pictures as it's growing right along. I am so proud of our garden. It looks great and thank you to my son (he really did most of the work).