Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Puppy Corner: Graduation Day

Only a few weeks after I had been in my new home the lady who I have grown to trust asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. I had no idea what this meant but if it had anything to do with playing I was game! The car still frightened me so I immediately started to climb up the front of the lady. She pulled me off her and held me until I felt better. As we started to move she held me up in her arms so I could see outside but everything was moving so fast it was nothing more than a blur to my eyes. I did not like it at first until the air hit me. Somehow the air from outside was coming in. I did not understand how this could be but then she let me stick my head outside. It was amazing! I stuck my head out a little further, then almost all of me but the lady stopped me before I fell out. My ears floped backward as the air blew my face. I no longer disliked "going for a ride."

Our ride took us to a huge building where I watched lots of other dogs coming and going. We followed several inside to a large open area. All of the dogs were running around in the area. Some of these dogs were twice my size. 
Everything was still new to me and I was learning so much, it was easy to become afraid. If the other dogs were small like me maybe I would have wanted to play but they all seemed a bit crazy. I sat on the lady's lap most of the time. When she put me on the floor I sat under her chair. I got to eat treats while I was there so it wasn't all bad. I was understanding the lady better and better so I think we were there about my peeing inside the house. I have tried to tell her it is no big deal, but she likes me to pee outside. She still does not understand I only pee inside when I absolutely cannot hold it. 

We continued to go to the big store every week. Each time I learned new things. Each time I did what the lady wanted she gave me a treat. I love those treats so much! I still did not like the other dogs. The man who stood in front of us all said as puppies we need to socialize. I did not know what this meant but I did not like being told to sit next to the huge hairy monster. He sat there drooling, staring at me. I didn't know if he was going to eat me or lay on me. He flopped on his side while I sat there frozen. The lady was not allowed to touch me. The man insisted this was good for me but as I watched her pace back and forth I could tell she did not like it anymore than I did. When  I was allowed to escape my torture I ran to the lady as fast as I could. She scooped me up and we left the store. That is when I decided to adopt her as my new "mama." I love my new family.

I made it through beginning and intermediate training classes taught at the big store. When we were all done, they told us to continue on with our training but we had had enough. I learned lots of tricks and was rewarded with those tasty treats. I could do the tricks all day; rolling over on the ground is not very hard. Performing tricks make my family laugh with delight. They take good care of me and I am happy in my new home.