Monday, October 28, 2013

Body & Soul: Saying Goodbye to my Garden

The summer is quickly coming to an end, yet my tomatoes are still coming on. I remember when I first started my garden, I didn't think the tomatoes would make it. Now here it is end of summer and my plants are not ready to give up the ghost (I am so proud of them). I have enjoyed my garden immensely, even shared my vegetables with friends. The  fresh veggies have been a blessing. There is nothing better than eating what you grow. I think anyone who has grown a garden will agree there is a sense of satisfaction watching those little plants grow up and start producing yummy vegetables. You feel empowered as you turn on the hose and give them a little water, then wa - la instantly another leaf pops up and another, till you have many leaves. After a while it feels as though they are taking over each other, almost fighting for space but you don't care because they're growing!

I was afraid my bell pepper plant wasn't going to produce anything then one day I found four babies growing. It took them a long time to grow, almost to the end of the summer. I didn't mind because I got six lovely peppers which I diced up and put in my freezer. Now I can eat fresh sweet yellow peppers long into the winter months. I think the best part is the smell, it's so strong. Much better than store bought peppers for sure.

It was my carrots that didn't do very well. Unfortunately I didn't include my carrots into my irrigation system so the only water they got was from the sprinklers. Whenever I tried to pull them out the tops broke off leaving the carrot still buried in the ground. One night I finally dug up a bunch and there were a few that were medium sized. Most were small though. But I had carrots!

I will definitely have another garden next summer but it will be in my new home so it won't be as large. No mind some is better than none. Overall it has been a good season. I learned allot about building trenches around my plants from my dear cousin. Also how to water so the roots would grow deep. My realtor even helped me understand why I thought my tomato plants had blight but never did. Don't ever use manure it burns the leaves. Use compost only she told me. How I have grown as a gardener. This is cause enough to have another right?

My new home has a large apple tree and a peach tree. Last week we were cleaning up apples and peaches when I said to my kids "Those look like grape vines." We investigated and found two types of grapes; one for eating, the other had Welch's grape juice written all over them. I don't want to let all the fruit go to waste so I'm going to have the trees sprayed. I'm going to learn how to make applesauce and sell it as organic baby applesauce like Diane Keaton did in movie, The Baby Boom. I can see it now- Oddly Audrey's Applesauce. Next year will be a new adventure for me. I'm told I have prune my fruit trees before the snow falls. I better get to it. Here's to next year!