Monday, October 21, 2013

The Puppy Corner: The First Year

The first year with my new family flew by. After my training days at the big store ended, I spent lots of time learning new tricks. I can sit, lay down, roll over, dance and shake hands. The boy in my family always says "Give me some knuckes." I do not understand what I am supposed to do when he puts his fist in front of me. I wonder if I should "mark" it? That is a problem I have and continue to mark things. My mama gets very upset at me. Anything new or different smelling I mark it! I have learned to give her the saddest look and she scoops me up in her arms, tells me she's very unhappy while smothering me with kisses. Works. Every. Time. I wouldn't say I enjoy marking my territory it just seems natural.

We moved to a small apartment in the first year. I lived with many other dogs while there. Some of the dogs were extremely friendly, so much they scared me the way they would jump all over. Others were not so nice. They would growl at me so mama would pick me up until they passed. I think mama is very proud of how I walk next to her without jumping all around, she says it's from my training. Actually I don't see the point in jumping all over like I'm crazy, still I let mama think I'm well behaved. I want her to be happy with me. There have been many times my mama has picked me up when other dogs approach us. We have found out on our own other dogs are not so friendly even when the owner says they are. After a while I got use to going pee outside. It is a chore to go up and down three flights of stairs just to pee but I love the feel of the grass on my belly, so I guess outside isn't all that bad.

Mama has stopped giving me those tasty treats I have grown to love so much. Instead she gives me carrots. I get one carrot each time I go pee outside. At first I wasn't sure if I would like them or not but I enjoy these as much as the other treats. Mama said she wants me to be healthy. I had allot of problems with my stomach this first year so my mama switched my food to a special kind that won't upset my tummy. I seemed to throw up allot so I was always eating pumpkin. It was the only thing that settled my stomach.

The end of the year was an exciting time for everyone. My family celebrates Christmas the same month as my birthday. On my first birthday my mama made me a special birthday cake with loads of carrots. I love carrots! This little cake was so full of carrots - it was heaven! I want this cake every day but mama says it's only for my birthday. She also made me a winter sweater for my birthday and I got a new toy! The sweater is so warm and just perfect on winter days when we go outside.

For Christmas my family brought a tree inside. Oh boy! I knew they would see things my way, but mama made it very clear I could NOT pee on the tree. In fact the tree was off limits. Are you kidding me?? It was all so confusing and I tried my best I did, so I'm not telling if I peed on the tree or not.