Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Letter Home - 11/16/2013

My mother recently gave me several pictures of my father in his younger days. Among them was the one you see below. I share it with you as I continue my so called "writing therapy." Every few weeks I write my father a letter and tell him about things happening in my life. Because we are not close this is my way of bridging that gap. Perhaps one day I will share these letters with him. Perhaps he will enjoy reading them. 

Dear Dad,

I think it's been almost four weeks or more since I last wrote. The move to our new home has been a great deal of work. If I did not have the help of family and friends we would still be moving. Now that we are in the new home it has been a whirl wind trying to get everything unpacked. Some of my stuff hasn't seen daylight in over four years so it's taking me a little longer to go through as I decide what I want to keep and get rid of.
Mom on the other hand wants to keep it all! She is still and will always be a pack rat. I am here to help her in that area. Ha ha. I have no problem with throwing things away.

Our house is slowly starting to feel like a home as we turn it into ours. We have done so much and still there is much more to do that will take time. Over all it is a good home. I am enclosing a picture so you can see what it looks like. It has two levels, the basement is completely finished too. Maygan and I sleep downstairs. The room I am in is not a bedroom but I am turning it into one because the bedrooms upstairs are not very big. We are finding out that either the house is too small for all of us or we have too much stuff. Perhaps it's a mixture of both. I think you would like it though.

The back yard is the best part I think. It has a lovely covered deck with a flower box that runs the length of the wood fence on all sides. There are fruit trees, grapes, even a shed right behind the two-car garage. I was very frustrated when we first bought the house, I felt like it was a money pit. There are days when I still feel that way but I know it's not the house. The people didn't keep up with any maintenance and when something went wrong they seemed to cut every corner so things aren't fixed properly. I think that has been the most frustrating thing for me. It's getting better and as time goes on it will improve so one day I can walk in the front door and not one thing will be broken.

It's hard to believe that fall is already here. This time of year reminds me so much of growing up in Green River. I remember attending the annual Halloween Carnival at the high school. I came home with several popcorn balls. Those were my favorite treat and still are. I wish the fall season could stay around a little bit longer. The leaves seem to change faster and faster every year. I do enjoy it while it lasts. I can recall us spending a few weekends in fall gathering firewood for the winter. We would take the big blue dump truck out and knock down all the dead trees. I don't miss that part but I do miss the smell of the trees.

I hit 50 years old last month dad. I'm not quite sure how I feel or will admit to feeling about turning 50. I don't seem to have many positive thoughts about it, but then is there anyone out there who does? Honestly I think I'm in denial. Ha ha I'm trying to deny it at this point. I have started to feel the aches and pains I have heard you get when a person starts to get old. I've been having back problems long before now so if this is what the fuss is all about I should clue everyone in because it starts well before you hit 50. 

As always Dad I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits. With the holiday season approaching, I always like to reflect on past holidays that make me smile. You are part of those memories. Take care and I will write again in a few weeks.