Friday, November 1, 2013

Body & Soul: The Botox Finale

Here it is one week later after having my first experience with Botox. I can tell you all I love the results and will continue to have Botox on my forehead. I plan on emailing my esthetician to find out what she can do for the area around my mouth. When I first went in for a consultation she told me I would have to see a plastic surgeon doc for fillers. The fillers are needed for my laughing lines that make me look angry even when I'm not and the little lines that pop up around one's mouth. Botox only relaxes muscles, it does not pump up, that's what the fillers do. I want just enough to look natural. I don't want huge lips you can see a mile away, that's terrible looking.

My sister drove from Colorado to spend the weekend with me and celebrate my 50th. I sent her one of the pictures of me in the hot seat having Botox. I swear I could hear her squealing with excitement all the way from Colorado. She loved my forehead and now wants to try it. She plans on coming back in a few months and is thinking of having it done here. I'm hoping I can have a little more done by the time she visits again. 

Here is a final picture of me with another big smile. I cannot lift my eyebrows very far anymore but I can frown. I would not recommend going beyond 20 units. It's perfect for me. I never wanted Botox, in fact I thought it was the worst thing and here I am talking it up. It works and I feel wonderful about myself at the age of 50. Anyone out there thinking about it should definitely give it a try. I did!