Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Puppy Corner: Bladder Stones

While living at the apartments I got a terrible bladder infection my family did not realize I had until a couple of weeks later. I was constantly sitting by the door making everyone frustrated. My Mama thought there was a girl doggy that lived nearby I might have liked. One day Mama and my Sister decided to go on a hike. I love to hike because Mama takes the leash off me and I get to walk on my own. By this time my infection was much worse and I was peeing blood. Poor Mama still hadn't figured it out. When we were hiking I kept stopping to pee on everything which was no fun for Mama and my Sister. It was my Sister that noticed the blood. Mama was so upset that we hurried all the way back to the car. We went to a man in a white coat who gave Mama some little round circles to give me once a day. I ate the little circles happily with a treat. Anything taste good with a treat I think.

Mama thought my bladder infection was gone when I started to feel bad again. Mama took me back to the man in a white coat. This time he took a picture of my belly which was awful. I don't like it when I am taken away from Mama. The man told Mama I had bladder stones and they would have to remove them. I did not know what that meant but when we left with more little circles Mama held me for a long, long time. I knew something was not right. The next day Mama fed me all kinds of fruits and veggies even tasty carrots. I never ate my normal food again.

A few days later I heard Mama tell Brother Bear and Sister there might be other ways to help me get better, which was the reason she was having me eat fruits and veggies. I even got to eat salmon which I love now! Mama also said she wanted to take me to someone else who believed in natural ways of healing. I hoped they believed in me eating more salmon.

One day while getting a drink I heard Mama talking to someone. She wanted me to try a new food and could only get it from the man in a white coat. Mama wanted to see if it would help me, but he would not give it to her until my bladder stones were removed. Mama's voice started to sound very funny, her face even looked a little different. She never talked to me that way. A few moments later though Mama was smiling saying how she had helped change his mind. The next day I was eating the new food. It wasn't bad and I was happy to try it because I was tired of eating squash and apples.

After a month of eating the new food Mama took me to a lady that was so nice. I liked her instantly, she scratched me behind my ears and spoke to me. The man in a white coat never did that. She told her name and took me for a walk around the room. I peed in a pan for her and she took a picture of my tummy like before, but I wasn't as afraid this time. When it was over she told Mama there were no bladder stones! I don't think I've EVER seen Mama smile so big. We left with more food I ate for another month then switched to a new one Mama said was going to help me so the bladder stones will not come back. I don't think Mama has ever hugged and kissed me so much that day. I'm doing much better now. I'm very happy my family loves me and takes care of me like they do. The best part is that even though I'm not sick, Mama still lets me salmon.