Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Puppy Corner: Christmas Time

I love Christmas time with all the snow, family coming to visit and the tree; which I still can't pee on. I love the snow because it's so fun to run and play in. My family laughs at me and says I look cute romping around in it. I always come in the house covered with snow which Mama doesn't like but she's gotten use to it. She made me a couple of sweaters that I wear when I go outside. It helps keep the snow off my belly since I'm not that tall.

This Christmas Mama stayed home for many days to play with me. I wish she could stay home every day, but when she is not here I stay with Nana. She came to live with us in our new home. Nana sleeps allot during the day which is fine because I get to sleep on her bed too. When Mama comes home she sits on the carpet and we play with my toys. Christmas time was full of playing and belly rubs. I LOVE my belly scratched. There is nothing better.

I have learned that every year the tree comes inside I get something new. My family puts boxes under the tree and when there is no more room we open them up. Mine usually comes in a special red sock that I am not allowed to chew on. This year I got a toy Mama called an elephant. I like elephants, they are small like me and have many arms I can chew on. The elephant even had a red hat which I found great for chewing on. 

Right before Christmas Mama's sister came for a visit. She lives far away but told me she has two puppies at home that look like me. I have seen one or two others like me but Mama says I am precious and there are no other puppies like me. I am mostly white except for my tail and bum which are black. My head is black with a little white on top and under my chin. I look like snow! Maybe one day I will meet the other puppies and we can be friends. Mama says I need to work on my "social skills" because I do not make friends very well. I usually run away from others. My sister has a bunny she keeps in her room. I sneak in all the time just to make sure he's still in the cage. Mama says I have to watch over the bunny and make sure he doesn't do things he isn't supposed to. I guess that means he can't pee inside either.