Monday, March 17, 2014

Body & Soul: The Rope Rug

Since my last crocheting project (Farmers Market Bag) I have been keeping busy doing a few projects. I made a lamb for a friend’s birthday and even attempted knitting after decades of swearing I would never try it again. I knitted a cowl which turned out pretty darn cool. These projects kept me busy mostly while I obtained my yarn for my next big project: the rope rug.

It took me a while to purchase all the yarn as I needed eight colors, one which was not available anywhere. I eventually gave up looking for it and opted for a color that went well with the other seven colors.

My next task was to purchase the rope. The rope (Sisal Rope) called for in the directions was not sitting on any of shelves I perused through so I had to order it online as well. The directions called for a very thin piece of rope which I 
didn’t care for so I went with ¼ inch in diameter rope. I realize it’s much larger but the yarn being chunky is quite able to cover the rope entirely. The rope came in 50 yard packages which (with the help of my son) I had to cut into strips, each 50 1/2 inches long.

The pattern of the rug is your typical Native American design you would see on one of the colorful blankets. The colors I’m working with are below;

Walnut - Dark Brown
Willow - Brownish Green
Nantucket - Greenish Blue
Spice - Burnt Orange
Grass -Medium Green
Charcoal - Dark Gray
Evergreen - Blueish Green
Amber - Deep Orange

It took a few tries to get the hang of how to hold the rope. On the second or third row I noticed when I got to the end, I ran out of rope. Thinking my son and I had cut the pieces of rope way too short I got out my measuring tape to make sure. The length was just fine. Unsure what was going on I started to pull the rope to even it out. After a few minutes of twisting and pulling the rope lay straighter with 1 ½ inches left over as I should have according to the directions. 

I thought to myself this is going to be fun if I have to do this on every row. I soon figured out that if I pulled the rope as I went along by the time I reached the end of the row it was perfect. It’s these little things that matter right?

I currently have 23 pieces of rope crocheted together. I figured out if I do one row every day I should be done in six months! UGH! That’s way too long. I’m hoping I get faster as I go along because right now it takes me about 20 minutes or longer to do one row. This happened with the FM basket, in fact I actually put it away for a year until I decided I wasn’t going to start anything else until I finished it. I wanted to cry it would take me an hour to do one row. But I kept at it and soon was down to 30 minutes. If you tried it you would feel my pain. This rope is nothing compared to my FM basket but maneuvering it around and changing colors often takes time. Let's hope my speed increases.

I've used five different colors so far, only four are showing in the above picture. I think changing colors is the funnest as I watch the pattern form. I’ll be updating my blog as I progress with the rope rug so stay tuned.