Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Puppy Corner: 6th Birthday

Right after Christmas comes my birthday. It's better than Christmas because Mama makes me birthday muffins filled with carrots. I usually get another toy but, this year Mama made me a special bed. 
She calls it crocheting but I just like to lay on the yarn. While Mama was making my new bed I thought I should try it out just to make sure it was soft enough. Mama laughed at me and told me I couldn't sleep on it until she was done. It was so soft I fell right to sleep.

My new bed stays upstairs in the living room where it's nice and quiet. I like having my very bed. My Nana tried to move it one day but I did not want it moved so I growled at her. I think she thought I 
would get lonely because she was in the other room. Mama says I can't be alone because I am still marking in the house. She gets very upset if I pee on the new carpet. 

One day Mama took my new bed downstairs in her room. Mama's room is so big I can run all around in it and play with her. There is a bench in Mama's room that I love to sleep under. It's my own little place to take a nap. I never slept in my new bed I like it under the bench, so Mama took it back upstairs. My family now understands I like my new bed right where it is. It's soft, cozy and just the right size. It was the best birthday.