Monday, May 19, 2014

A Letter Home - 5/19/2014

At the beginning of all these letters to my father I always explain that my father and I are not close. We haven't had a real conversation in over 30 years. I did send him a card out of the blue and he responded. These letters are my therapy, my way of speaking out to him in hope of him not just hearing me but actually listening. Even if it's only on paper I feel some peace.

Dear Dad,

I was running around doing errands over the weekend and happened to see a car show at one of the dealerships. It reminded me of you. I know every year you have one or more of your cars you have built in Melon Day's Parade. I'm not sure how many you have but I do remember Gayle telling me you enjoy building them from the ground up. I can still recall the red '56 Chevy truck you owned when you and mom were married. 

I have to laugh when I see young kids get worked up over a car that was so common when I was growing up. My kids often asked me if I had TV when I was little, that's when I assure them there was no dinosaurs roaming the earth at that time. I think I told you my son wants to own a business that restores cars. My oldest is dating a young man that also loves to restore cars. I guess restoring cars is therapeutic for men as there seems to be quite a few of you interested in it.

I would have never thought that gardening would be therapeutic for me, but as it turns out I am enjoying it. I want you to know how hard it is for me to say that. I absolutely hated yard work when I was younger. I think mom made me do so much growing up that is the reason why I despise it today. Ha ha.

But now that I own a home, I feel compelled to have it look as nice as possible. We have done so much to the back yard just trying to get it ready for summer. I never knew how much went into maintaining a yard. We have pulled out trees, pruned trees, bushes, roses and vines and still there seems to be something I have missed. It's okay though, I'm not as stressed as I was when we first started because I know I have all summer. It took me quite a while to fix up my garden area but it too is coming along. When I step back and look at everything I did there is a feeling of accomplishment that has taken precedence over those feelings from my childhood. Now I must move on to the front yard.

I just accepted a new position at the University, down on lower campus. If you remember I was working at the University of Utah Hospital. Now I will be working for the College of Business as an executive secretary. In six months the director's assistant will retire and he would like me to take her position. I have been an admin for more years than anything else I have done. I enjoy this line of work, it makes me feel good at the end of the day knowing I have helped others around me.

The director is over the entrepreneurship and strategy department which is great as I have always wanted to start a small business on the side where I can make some extra money. I have all these great ideas but never follow through with any of them. I have read so many books over the years on how to start a business yet never really attempted to try it. I took a class a few years back to help me understand how to write a business plan. It can be very overwhelming with everything you must do; one of the reasons why I never moved forward. The closest I came to starting a business was while I lived in Logan. I got a recipe from a classmate's mother in high school for turtles. It was delicious. Over the years I worked with the recipe to improve it. One day someone asked me for the recipe but I never gave it out, so this person said "if you aren't going to share the recipe then at least you should sell them." I thought to myself "I can do this," so I priced each ingredient in my recipe to determine how much it would cost me to make my turtles. As it turned out I would have to charge an enormous amount just to break even. My dream was crushed but I still make my turtles all the time and people still ask for the recipe and I still smile. Maybe one day.

I hope you enjoy reading my letters as much as I enjoy writing to you. As always I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits. Take care and I will write again in a few weeks.