Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Years ago Mother's Day lost its luster with me, but today I have decided to embrace the meaning. I would like to pay tribute to my mother and thank my three children for the joy they have brought me over the past 20+ years. While it is difficult to put into words all the joy and pain that comes with motherhood, I would not want trade one single moment because it was time spent making memories with my three children. And now I have the wonderful privilege of caring for my own Mother, both are worth more than I could ever express.

I think back over the years to all the school events, soccer games, dance recitals, family reunions and vacations we took and remember someone telling me to hang on to those moments because tomorrow I will wake to my children all grown. I believe that time has come. I'm not sure if it is my age or reality settling in to the fact that yes they are grown, so now what? I find myself longing to go back in time, that I might have a few more precious moments with them being younger, perhaps still innocent to the many ways of the world. Time waits for no one. Today I am just proud to be their mother.

When I was in high school, my grandmother came to live with us so my mother could care for her. Now it is my turn to care for my mother. I consider this a blessing to have her in my home. We laugh together, cry together, drive each other crazy and talk for hours. My mother has never been far from me throughout my entire life. She has seen me through good and bad. I always wanted to take care of my mother when the time came, well here it is. Time waits for no one. Today I am just proud to be her daughter.

I thank the Lord for my three little angels who mean the world to me and especially for my angel of a mother who brought me into this world. For these reasons I am thankful to be a mother and my reason to celebrate Mother's Day.

My kids then.

My kids now.

My Mom.