Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Letter Home: Father's Day

For Father's Day I decided I would send a card to my Father. The first time I sent a card it took two weeks to find the right one. This time wasn't too bad. I found one within a few minutes, bought it and thought I was doing pretty good. Then came the hard part. When I sat down to write an inscription, I ended up staring at the card for the longest time. It frustrates me that I take so long to scribble a simple phrase. Something that comes natural to most of us. I'm still struggling.

The outside of the card read:

Just wanted you to know
I’m thinking of you, Dad…

Inside the card it read:

…and hoping you’ll have
A great Father’s Day.

Today is my father's birthday. Why is my heart beating so fast? Even my chest feels tight. Could the reason be because I actually thought about calling and wishing him a happy birthday?