Monday, July 28, 2014

Body & Soul: The Rope Rug

In March I started my long awaited rope rug project. It took me a while to buy all the colors of yarn I needed and the rope. This is not a cheap project. The cost of all eight different colors of yarn including the rope will be over $100. Yet the price does not matter it's the love of the craft. That and the fact I do not like to crochet the same thing over and over. There are only so many afghans one person can make in their life time before they lose interest in the craft. I think this happened to me and I stopped crocheting for years. Now I'm back making all different kinds of fun crafty projects. My rope rug is just one of them.

I was hoping I could take my rug project with me on the train and work on it traveling to and from work. Unfortunately, this didn't work out because of it being so bulky. Plus I have to spread out and it takes up too much room. This project is one I have to work on strictly at home. The challenging part is being discipline enough to work on it every night. Which I did in the beginning, not so much lately. It takes me about an hour to do one row with all the changing of colors I have to do. The actual process is not an easy flow meaning, the rope acts like a hump that you must crochet over. This takes a little more time to work the yarn over the rope. I cannot insert my hook into a stitch, grab the yarn and pull it out. I can only work through one loop on my hook at a time. You can now understand why it takes a little longer. I think I've gotten my time down to 45 minutes, but still that means I can only do about one row a day. For several months I did not work on it because it is so time consuming. I realize this is hardly an excuse. To date I have close to 50 rows complete.

I truly thought I would be done by now but this project is not something you can do fast and expect it to look nice. I have taken considerable time and effort to ensure the design is correct and the rows match. Yes I am a perfectionist. If it has my name on it I want it to look the best. I like the way it is turning out. The colors are rich, and bold just like an original Native American blanket. I am very pleased. I will try to be more diligent on this project perhaps I could have it done by the end of winter.