Monday, December 22, 2014

The Puppy Corner: Bath Time

At an early age I learned how clean my Mama was when she gave me a bath almost every other day. I was only a puppy at the time and she insisted I stay clean and fluffy. I am six years old now and she still gives me a bath every couple of weeks, which I think is too often. Whenever she starts singing the rubber ducky song I know it's time. I usually head under my brother's bed but many times she closes his bedroom door and I'm forced into the tub.

Tubby time as my Mama calls it is not as fun as humans think. I am quite small and the big tub scares me. I like to stand away from the hole in the tub where the water goes down. If it were a little smaller I would  fit right in and swish away, so I make sure I stand as far away as I can. Mama likes me to be close to the hole because the water comes out from above and disappears in the hole.
She tells me she can wash and rinse me faster if I stay by the hole. I am sneaky though and when she reaches for the shampoo I walk to the back of the tub. Safe for a few moments.

Before Mama puts me in the tub I start to shiver like I do when the ground turns white outside. I try not to but I do not like water.
When we lived in our smaller home I hated to go outside when the water came from above. Everything was wet and Mama still made me pee outside. I would come in wet and have to be dried off when it was easier to just pee inside. Mama did not like that idea. Mama tries everything to help me not be so afraid when she washes me. She makes the water warm which feels good and she is a fast washer. I don't think I'll ever like the tub.

The first time Mama gave me a bath she poured water all over me and I shivered so bad it took a long time to get warm when she was all done. Now Mama starts with my tail and only pours water on the part of me she is washing. I like this much better because I don't shiver as much. In the beginning when Mama washed me she would pour water on my head and it would get into my eyes, ears, even my nose which made me snort.
Mama is much better now. She puts her hands over my eyes and is careful not to get water in my nose. My ears started to hurt after the first tubby time and Mama said she got water in my ears. I had to go see a man in a white coat who gave Mama stuff to put in my ears. Mama is very careful with my ears now.

When Mama is all done washing me she wraps me up in a towel. In the summer we go outside so I can dry in the sun. In the winter, Mama blows warm air on me. I like the warm air on my body but not on my face. I have tried to tell Mama but she just smiles and says "We don't want witchy hair."

When she is all done I get a big treat. That is the best part. I do like being clean. It feels so good. I run all around when she finished, she calls me her "fluffy puppy."