Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Puppy Corner: To See or Not

As I sit quietly watching Brother Bear and my Mamma eat, I am waiting for a small bite. When Mamma is around I never get a bite but when it's just Brother Bear and I he gives me lots and tells me I need to eat more meat. Mamma usually walks in at this time. I try to eat fast but she always catches us. Brother Bear just smiles as Mamma's face changes. When this happens she is not happy. When Mamma eats she rubs a white paper across her mouth after every bite. Brother Bear usually rubs the white paper after he eats. Mamma rubs the white paper on my mouth after I've had a long drink but mostly I rub my whole face on my blanket. It's what a do after every meal. 

Mamma noticed my eye getting red and I was having a hard time keeping it open because it hurt real bad. Mamma took me in once to get it checked but the red always came back. A little while ago my Mamma took me to the see the lady in the white coat. Mamma likes her a lot.
The lady in the white coat looked at my eye and said I have something that did not sound good. She told Mamma many dogs like me get this because our eyes stick out more. Things like rubbing my face after eating can make my eyes sore. She gave Mamma some drops to put in my eye for a long time.

Many days later we went back to the lady in the white coat. She said my eye was doing much better and I can stop having the drops in twice a day. Only once now. I'm glad I was getting tired of the drops. But now Mamma puts gooey stuff in my eyes before I go to bed. I will have drops in my eye for the rest of my life Mamma tells me. If we hadn't gone in and my eye got worse I would not be able to see out of it. I am glad I have a family that loves and cares for me.